Frankel Rubin Successfully And Promptly Defends Lawsuits Against Lender – Mayer Klein

Plaintiffs sued Lender for allegedly violating Missouri’s lending laws. Both Plaintiffs filed exactly the same claim against Lender and both Plaintiffs were represented by the same counsel. Plaintiffs’ Petitions alleged violations of wrongfully limiting the number of loan renewals and charging interest beyond the statutory limit. Frankel Rubin defended these allegations and successfully demonstrated that Plaintiffs’ allegations failed as a matter of law. Lender rejected Plaintiffs’ attempts to extract a quick monetary settlement. In short order, a Motion to Dismiss was filed and Plaintiffs dismissed their suits before the Court ruled on the Motions. Frankel Rubin aided Plaintiffs’ counsel in reaching that decision by advising that a Motion for Sanctions would be filed if the cases were not promptly dismissed. Shortly thereafter, both Plaintiffs dismissed their lawsuits against Lender.

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