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Estate planning is often a forgotten or procrastinated task in people's lives. Planning gets pushed down the road because people get too busy, they don't want to think about "death planning," or they just don't think estate planning is for them. Well, regardless of what people think, proper estate planning is one of the only ways to protect your family, assets, and legacy. We can help. Book a call today if...

1. You Want to Protect Your Legacy

You’ve spent a lifetime building something that matters and is worth remembering. Estate planning is more than just preserving assets, it’s also about passing on your story and your family values.

2. You Need to Protect a Family Business

Your family business is likely your most valuable asset. You’ve worked hard throughout the years to build your business. Proper planning ensures that it continues into the next generation.

3. You Don't Even Have an Estate Plan

Creating a personal estate plan is key to predicating your life outcome. The best way to get started is by booking a call today. You need to protect your children

4. You Want to Decrease the Risk of Fiduciary Disputes

Without proper and thoughtful planning, your trusts and estates may be disputed by a trusted, yet disgruntled loved one.

Who I Am

Michael J. Payne

Estate Planning Attorney

Michael J. Payne, Partner
I am a partner at Frankel, Rubin, Klein, Payne & Pudlowski, P.C. and I focus on estate planning, fiduciary litigation and civil litigation.

I counsel individuals, couples, families and small business owners in creating an estate plan that is specifically tailored to their individualized needs. My passion for estate planning is evident in my approach of collaborating with clients to solve their most important personal, legal and business planning decisions.

I have handled cases throughout Missouri, representing individuals, trustees, beneficiaries and personal representatives in estate and trust litigation, including claims of undue influence, lack of capacity, self-dealing and breaches of fiduciary duties.

My years of litigation experience combined with my estate planning practice gives me the ability to not only work with clients to avoid the risks of fiduciary disputes, but how to handle them once they arise.

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"Thanks to Michael Payne and his team for all your help and kindness throughout this process. It was much appreciated through a stressful time. I would, for certain, recommend your services to anyone going through this."
Heather B.
"Thank you for your patience and thoughtfulness throughout this process as well with working with my wife and I on our Trust!"
Bob P.


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