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Frankel, Rubin, Klein, Siegel, Payne, & Pudlowski, P.C. is a full service law firm located in St. Louis, Missouri. We work diligently to provide creative solutions. Founded in 1985, the firm provides personalized service to individuals and companies, both local and national, through our client relationship and goal oriented approach. Our St. Louis Litigation Attorneys understand that every client need or problem makes a significant impact on their day. At Frankel Rubin, we make it our life to handle and resolve our clients’ needs so each client may continue to focus on what matters most in their life.

We are pleased to provide you with experienced St. Louis lawyers, who understand the difficulty of your situation and strive to solve your problem successfully and cost-effectively.

We are proud of our relationships with our clients. We value our clients, and recognize that it is our job to please you, even in a challenging and difficult legal environment.

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The Frankel Rubin Distinction

Bob P.Client
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Thank you for your patience and thoughtfulness throughout this process as well with working with my wife and I on our Trust!
Goergia T.Client
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Before I hired Julie I had concerns of getting what was due to me for my pain and suffering. Julie was very helpful, tried very hard for me to get as much as possible for me for my injury. Julie is a good attorney, mindful, and concerned. She is good at what she does, she fights hard for you, and gets results.
Heather B.Client
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Thanks to Michael Payne and his team for all your help and kindness throughout this process. It was much appreciated through a stressful time. I would, for certain, recommend your services to anyone going through this.

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