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Family Fight

Should I Contest the Will?

You never expected your mother to leave you a fortune, but you thought that she’d leave you something when she passed. Did a sneaky cousin have something to do with it? What do you do now?

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Estate Planning with Trusts

How Do Trusts Work in Your Estate Plan?

Setting up a trust fund offers many advantages in terms of passing on wealth or assets. It avoids probate, or the transfer of assets in court. This increases not only the ease of transfer, but also privacy.

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Estate Planning Basics

Estate Planning Basics Everyone Needs

For many of us, the thought of our own death or incapacity is uncomfortable to consider. Fear of the unknown and uncertainty of things to come, can be frightening and difficult to think about.

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Planning for Children

What is the “Kiddie Tax”?

Children and grandchildren inheriting traditional IRAs could quickly find themselves in the top 37% tax bracket, thanks to changes ushered in by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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