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401K Saving

Tips for 401(k) Savings in 2020

A 401(k) is an employer-sponsored account that allows you to defer the taxes on your investments until retirement, which meanw that you can roll up more money faster.

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Revocable and Irrevocable Trustss

I’m a Fiduciary—What Does That Mean?

Years ago he signed a power of attorney document naming me as his agent, so I could help him with these types of things. Not ever having done this before, what do I need to know about fiduciary duty?

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Estate Planning To Do List

End-of-Year To Do List

A task without a deadline is just wishful thinking. Sometimes, you can get away with procrastinating. If you never get around to alphabetizing your spices, no one’s life will change.

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Business Planning

Simple Mistakes to Avoid in Estate Planning

Preparing an estate plan, is like getting a physical. We know responsible adults have it done but choosing to do it yourself is just not appealing. We may decide with the information available on the internet, we simply can self-diagnose any problems that arise.

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