Civil Trial And Appellate Practice

When a dispute remains unresolved, strong counsel is necessary. The attorneys at Frankel, Rubin, Klein, Payne & Pudlowski, P.C., have extensive state and federal civil trial and appellate practice experience. We passionately represent our clients in both routine and complex litigation. Yet, while aggressively pursuing justice for our clients, we recognize that a cost benefit analysis must be made throughout the entire litigation process in order to best serve our clients.  Our litigators represent clients across a broad spectrum of proceedings, including case management conferences, discovery, depositions, pretrial hearings, as well as arbitration and mediation before administrative agencies and private arbitrators.

In some cases, an appeal is necessary. The party that won at trial must fight to retain its success, and the losing party must fight even harder in order to reverse the decision of the lower court. This requires substantial legal skill as well as an excellent knowledge of the appellate process. Our attorneys possess that knowledge and skill as we have been pleased to represent clients in appellate matters throughout the state, federal, and administrative courts. We can diligently and cost-effectively represent you throughout your appeal. Feel free to book a call if you would like to discuss civil trial and appellate practice with a local attorney.