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Your Business and the Corporate Transparency Act

A new federal law, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), effective Jan. 1, 2024, impacts almost all limited liability companies (LLCs) and small corporations in the United States. Businesses now have new reporting requirements annually, and these changes may lead to new challenges for small and family business owners. This article provides an overview of the new reporting requirements…

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Estate Planning Myths Debunked

In my experience, estate planning is one of the areas of personal finance with the most widespread confusion. Unfortunately, this can lead to costly mistakes in time, money and stress on people’s families.

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How to get started

How Do I Create My Digital Estate?

Today, much of our lives is digital, and many things we hold dear are not physical. However, what happens to our digital assets when we die? That’s where digital estate planning comes in.

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529 Plan

What’s New with 529 Plans?

A type of education savings account called a 529 plan is just one of several tools families can use to prepare for the growing costs of higher education. While these plans can be beneficial for almost anyone since they let funds saved for education compound on a tax-free basis provided they’re used for eligible education expenses, individuals who live in states with special tax breaks for contributions tend to fare the best.

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